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We inform, inspire and activate women to bring their wisdom, perspectives and ideas to the table of global consequences.

Marilyn Nyborg

Marilyn Nyborg, a successful business owner and high tech recruiter in Silicon Valley for 25 years, is co-founder of Gather the Women Global Matrix and Indivisible Women. She is also the founder of Gather the Women of Nevada County and Women Waking the World. Marilyn is a master networker with 45 years of connections in women’s leadership and women’s circles.  She is the author of Sacred Activism for Women, a Speaker and Tele-Seminar Leader, and Producer of a video The Book of Jane: The Story of Woman.


Marilyn has taken her lifetime of experiences in Sacred Activism to develop an international network to restore feminine wisdom, values and influence in the service of all life. She is committed to a world that creates change in cultural values, personal choices, and policies worldwide that shift humanity’s consciousness from separation and domination to integration and unity. Read more on womenwakingtheworld.com.

Sushila Mertens

Sushila Mertens, collaborator of Sacred Activism for Women, has developed both left and right brain careers throughout her life. As a life-long learner with Master Degrees in both Education and Library and Information Science, she supported her family as a librarian; she also studied and applied the metaphysical and healing arts. She is passionate about education, personal transformation and empowerment.


Sushila is currently a Peacebuilder, Reiki Master Teacher, Rapid Eye Technician, women’s life coach, facilitator of circles, and Sacred Activist. Her life experiences have led her to conclude that empowering women to speak from their authentic feminine and courage would enable women to lead in creating peace and cooperation on our planet. She applies her beliefs in working in local and state politics, Indivisible Women, Living Room Conversations, BraveHeart Women, and Activating Peace Inside Out. Read more on SushilaMertens.com.

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