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Women Waking the World

Humanity is being turned upside down. While events around us continue to move quickly, we have the option of sitting passively and observing the sailing ship OR we can actively work to trim the sails and set our course for the good of all. We invite you to join us in the latter option.  

Purpose and Intention   We inform, inspire and activate women to bring their wisdom, perspectives and ideas to the table of global consequences.


INFORMING:  Our mainstream media feeds us predigested material aimed at producing fear, conflict and sales. Occasionally a nice human piece is tossed in to show their concern.   What we are missing is the in-depth issues impacting women everywhere.

The internet is allowing writers to bring all the issues to the surface. We are creating conversations that are aimed to challenge our minds, not necessarily to change them. We hope to encourage you to stay current with news of women’s progress and challenges so that you may continue these conversations with your peers, family and community. Only by speaking openly to the issues women deal with everyday can we begin to bring about change. Starting with us…starting with you.

INSPIRING:  We live in a world that appears to be fueled by fearful thoughts, what ifs and instant communication. Depression is rampant and violence is a commodity. We have to take personal responsibility to keep ourselves inspired, our vibration lifted and our thoughts conscious.

The people in our lives are critical to our inspiration. Be with those who are examples of our highest selves. Have conversations that focus on solutions not problems; speak from conviction without anger…not an easy assignment.  Beautiful music, beauty in our environment and even paying attention to how we take care of our body and how we dress are ways to attract inspiration and to be inspired. What are you reading? What films are you seeing? What are you listening to?  What teleconferences are you engaging in?  Any of these can sustain and maintain your joy, hope, faith and possibilities in you.

ACTIVATING:  What do you care about? What do you love? What are you doing about it? Conversations are important but they must be a preamble to the action you can take.  Some actions are SO simple….Facebook opinions, letters to the editors, writing your perspectives.

Buckminster Fuller said:  “Stop killing the dinosaur and create the gazelle!”  Imagine, innovate, create and initiate.  Start by deepening your conversation.  Look for those who resonate with you. Move beyond spiritual entertainment (going to things that inspire and then go home and not apply it to your life) Become a Spiritual Activist!  Use your voice. (But deal with your frustration and anger first, or you will meet the energy of war with more war!)

We call on you to offer your thoughts and suggestions. Women Waking the World is a call to action. We invite you to initiate the conversation among your friends, your partner, your family and other men in your lives. Please send us your thoughts, ideas and experiences of reconciliation.

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Marilyn Rosenbrock Nyborg

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