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Reclaiming Our Power as Stewards of Life

Women carry the privilege as well as the unfathomable responsibility of bringing forth, developing and sustaining the most magnificent, complex, miraculous creation of all… the Human Being.  Inherent within every female is the universal empowerment and unwavering trust bestowed to fulfill this ordained authority. These virtues are intrinsic within all women and charter our capacity

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Living In an Environment that Holds Me

Our home is filled with symbols from Kuan Yin to Ganesh.  There are inspiring quotes in frames on the walls.  I wear jewelry that has meaning for me. You may wonder why I surround myself with symbols, quotes and jewelry. Over 30 years ago we traveled to India, and Georgia lugged back a lovely Buddha. 

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The Evolution of Circle

Written by Marilyn Nyborg I was recently invited to attend a Shakti Rising leadership training weekend in Inverness.  I arrived with two associates late on Friday evening to a home in a beautiful setting.  We were welcomed by some of the women who had already experienced the first two days; the others were already settled in for

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A New Agenda for America: When Women Succeed, America Succeeds

Time to move beyond ‘Mad Men’ era for working women By Nancy Pelosi and Rosa DeLauro, Special to CNN updated 7:25 AM EDT, Fri July 19, 2013 There is compelling evidence that the economic security of women and their families is more fragile today than ever. … This week, House Democrats announced an economic agenda

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Speak Up

Speak up when you are so moved in a group or with friends on topics you feel strongly about.  Don’t shy away from it, it may just spark some deeper conversation.

Sign a Petition

Sign an online petition that supports your cause.   To get started: