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Meryl Streep Urges Congress To Ratify the ERA

By Heather Saul Wednesday 24 June 2015 Meryl Streep has continued her battle towards achieving equal rights for women by writing a letter to every single member of Congress and demanding they “stand up for equality”. The Oscar-winning actress’ letter urged Congress to revive the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which was written in 1920, passed

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We Created ISSI

We created ISSI. What would you say? Not us! Well consider this denial on two levels. On the 3rd dimensional level we went to Iraq and Libya under false pretenses – under the cry of weapons of mass destruction and/or the covert desire for oil. We got rid of Saddam Hussein AND his family and

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A Violent Society Breeds Racism

It’s interesting how people project their personal interests on the shooting in North Carolina. One senator points out it was an attack on Christians! Another reminds us the victims were mostly women. This kind of event which has become a frequent crisis is now being called terrorism! Without any doubt this was a stunning act

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Questions to Ask Ourselves

What are the values most important to me as a person? What are my 3 core values? What motivates me? Who am I? How do I define myself? How do I present myself? What has worked in my life? How would I define my successes? What did I learn from my successes? How have I

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Empower Yourself by Loving your Body on Women Waking the World TV

Listen in to the conversation between Host Marilyn Nyborg and Anna-Thea, author of Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body.  

When Will Women be Honored Every Day?

Tim Ward, Huffington Post, interviewed author, radio host and priestess, Rev. Karen Tate to get her perspective on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, the day we venerate the women who gave birth to each one of us. Kind of a penance for the other 364 days a year during which women

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