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Empower Yourself by Loving your Body on Women Waking the World TV

Listen in to the conversation between Host Marilyn Nyborg and Anna-Thea, author of Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body.  

How Pornography Affects Boys Treatment of Girls

This article is from The Guardian but I hope America can follow. Not many have an easy time coming of age; however, pornography’s influence on how girls are treated is appalling. How can we speak up and put back respect and caring, dare we say love, back into sexuality?  Read the entire article and allow

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What will it take to make a woman President of the United States?

Marianne Schnall founder of, a leading women’s website and non-profit organization asked this question to over 60 men & women who are cutting edge in their field including, Nancy Pelosi, Maya Angelou, Nicholas Kristof, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Sheryl Sandberg and more. Learn what you can do and how we can encourage women and girls

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Women on the Move

Now that we are the Dominant Gender, what can we do? No one would argue that we live in a male dominant world.  Certainly more women are coming forward to bring their skills and influence to the world.  However, while women celebrate the increase in the numbers of women in Congress to 18.5%, that is

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Addressing Gender Imbalances

‘Historic event’ launches Male Champions of Change report Wednesday 6 November 2013 The Male Champions of Change have released their 2013 report entitled Accelerating the advancement of women in leadership: Listening, Learning, Leading which is the culmination of concerted actions they have taken in their respective organisations over the last 18 months. Established in April

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Women's rights are universal

In “A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power” (to be published Tuesday), former President Jimmy Carter not only appeals to a moral necessity for improving the lives of women, here and abroad, but to a practical reason as well — this “man’s world” would collapse without the contribution of women. “A CALL TO

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